Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Resolution (?)

Well, the editors have decided that my story is not newsworthy (though I think that at least one of them is clearly afraid of seeing the results). I will still be conducting the poll, however, and I will write up the results as an opinion piece (which will appear on this site whether or not the school paper wants to publish it). In my piece, I will explain, at length if necessary, why each question I selected is of great and basic importance.


At 12:48 PM, Blogger DuFeR said...

Talk to Liberman

At 3:21 PM, Blogger John said...

Having a conservative viewpoint can be hazardous to you health or sanity. Check out the following article posted by RightMarch.com

ALERT: Many of you may remember the story of Tim Bueler, the California high school student who was subjected to harassment and threats from both students and faculty for daring to start a Conservative Club at his local high school.

Because patriotic Americans like YOU came to Tim's aid, he not only prevailed, but high school students across the country -- after hearing about his story -- sought Tim's help in forming Conservative Clubs at their schools as well.

This point bears repeating. Because folks like you across America came to Tim's aid, he prevailed and formed a national organization called The High School Conservative Clubs of America (HSCCA) and started a nationwide movement to bring conservative ideas to high schools across the country.

Now, our friends at GrasstopsUSA.org have alerted us that a young conservative -- who has affiliated with HSCCA and started a Conservative Club at his high school -- desperately needs our help because he is being subjected to some of the same forms of ABUSE and HARASSMENT by the FACULTY at his high school for daring to start a Conservative Club.

MEET CHRIS BOWLER: Chris was not politically active in the past, but over time he came to loathe the political indoctrination that passes for education at his local high school.

To put it in Chris' own words: "I had taken Advanced Placement American Studies the year before which turned out to be largely anti-American studies, complete with teachers refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance and spouting anti-war and anti-Bush propaganda every day."

Chris thought a Conservative Club at his High School would level the playing field, and even though he "did not go into this blind," -- as he put it -- he was not prepared for such a high level of harassment and obstruction from the faculty at Hudson High School.

Chris' first obstacle was finding a member of the faculty who was willing to act as the club's advisor.

Chris claims that he considered at least a half-dozen teachers but was turned down flat. One of the teachers finally confessed the truth to Chris in confidence, saying that he would like to help but could not "risk the backlash from the other teachers."

Can you imagine that there is such an atmosphere of oppression and hostility that teachers would decline to act as a club advisor for fear of their jobs and livelihoods?

This atmosphere of fear and intimidation sounds like something out of the old Soviet Union.

Finally the school librarian agreed to allow the club to meet in the library after school; however, she bowed out soon thereafter, due in part to the backlash she may have received from other members of the faculty.

Before the school librarian bowed out, Chris was able to schedule the first meeting for his Conservative Club and printed up flyers announcing the meeting.

After putting up the flyers, Chris found out that a member of the school administration -- under orders from the school administration -- took all the flyers down.

The school's Assistant Principal advised Chris that the flyers were taken down because they gave the web address of the HSCCA's website which contained certain objectionable materials, including:

A statement on HSCCA's website, saying to "take down the rainbow flag, put up the American Flag and learn the Pledge of Allegiance."
Statements on the HSCCA's website calling for the support of LEGAL aliens and the deportation of ILLEGAL aliens.
A statement on the HSCCA's website calling for the abolition of federal funding to the National Education Association (NEA).
Hyperlinks on the HSCCA's website to the beheading videos of Americans by Islamic terrorists.
A statement on the HSCCA's website supporting the 2nd Amendment.
Now that you know what Hudson High School finds to be objectionable, it may interest you to hear from Chris what Hudson High School does NOT find objectionable:
Hudson High School recently sponsored a "Blue Day" at the school which is a celebration and affirmation of the homosexual lifestyle.
Hudson High School did not object to teachers distributing copies of the film Fahrenheit 911 to students to take home. It should be noted that Fahrenheit 911 contains scenes depicting mutilated bodies in Iraq and numerous uses of the F-word -- so much for objecting to the links of beheadings on the HSCCA website.
Hudson High School did not object when a teacher brought an effigy doll of President Bush to school last year with simulated flames shooting out of it and solicited the class to go to an anti-war rally in Boston and watch people drag a larger, life-size one through the streets.
Hudson High School does not object to teachers openly advocating abortion in the classroom.
Oh... we should also mention that Hudson High School is an affiliate school of The First Amendment Center, a national initiative designed to transform how to teach and practice the rights and responsibilities of citizenship that frame civic life in our democracy.
According to The First Amendment Center website (firstamendmentschools.org), this nationwide project has four primary goals:

Create consensus guidelines and guiding principles for all schools interested in creating and sustaining First Amendment principles in their school.
Establish project schools, in every region of the nation, where First Amendment principles are understood and applied throughout the school community.
Encourage and develop curriculum reforms that reinvigorate and deepen teaching about the First Amendment across the curriculum.
Educate school leaders, teachers, school board members and attorneys, and other key stakeholders about the meaning and significance of First Amendment principles and ideals.
If things are this bad in a First Amendment School, just imagine what things are like in other high schools across the nation!
It is no secret that many of our nation's school are indoctrination centers for leftist thought. Teachers and school administrators at many schools, with the tacit cooperation of the NEA, seek to ram "leftist dogma" down the throats of our young people and opposing viewpoints are squelched.

However, we can help Chris Bowler bring conservative ideas to his school, just as we helped Tim Bueler -- but we need YOUR help.

TAKE ACTION: These teachers and administrators rely on secrecy to advance their agenda. They consider our nation's schools to be their ivory towers -- their own little fiefdoms -- where they have free reign to indoctrinate youth without the knowledge of the American public.

We can win this battle by exposing their actions to the light of day. When enough of us take a stand -- THEY BACK DOWN. Click below NOW to send a message DIRECTLY to the Principal of Hudson High School, John Stapelfeld, telling him that the harassment of Chris Bowler must cease and desist IMMEDIATELY:


NOTE: You can also CALL Principal Stapelfeld at 978-567-6250, and Superintendent Berman at 978-567-6100 ext. 114. This young man's future and the future of his schoolmates -- who may not otherwise hear a conservative thought or idea in school -- are worth at least a couple of minutes of our time. If we all band together, we can make a difference.

BE WARNED -- you will likely get a canned automatic response from Mr. Berman, telling you you've been "seriously misinformed." DON'T BE FOOLED -- they may CLAIM they support the development of political clubs, including this one, but they WON'T ANSWER any of the questions raised in this Alert regarding the liberal indoctrination going on at Hudson High School.

Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help brave young conservatives STAND UP to repressive liberal public school faculty and administrators. Thank you!

Help us spread the word with a donation to RightMarch.com!

Was this message forwarded to you by a friend? You can sign up for our Action Alerts for FREE! Go here:



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