Monday, November 29, 2004

Brain Terminal Catches Protesters at their Worst

Evan Coyne Maloney, creator of the Brain Terminal website, sent me a pair of DVDs featuring video from confrontations with the left. These expertly done pieces include a clip of a protest in NYC (in which protesters are given a chance to come up with a better solution to the Iraq problem) and a discussion with libs who attended Gore’s January 15th speech on global warming (in record-setting single-digit temperatures).

Of all the videos available though, there was one that stood out -- the pro-Pallestinian rally at Rutgers University. Maloney had intended to film the pro-Palestine conference located at the Ramada Inn. He and his crew were soon forced to leave the hotel at the request of the other conference-goers, so they relocated to an adjacent lot. They were still hoping to get interviews, but the conference organizers “started hanging around the camera, calling us Zionists and warning people not to speak with us.”

Maloney decided to go and film the rally taking place at Rutgers University instead. When he and his two crewmen go there, protest-ralliers tried to block their cameras with signs. When this failed to discourage Maloney, things got worse:

“Once again, I tried to move, but I was now completely encircled. When I tried to escape, the protesters then started smacking the camera with their signs, while others were shoving me from different directions. I started retreating, pushing my way back from the loudspeaker, all the while leaving the camera running and asking the protesters why they weren't letting me film. One man tried to prevent me from getting audio by unleashing a high-pitched squeal into the microphone. Another man asked me whether my camera was expensive, a question that--under the circumstances--I interpreted as a veiled threat.
Alexis and Tim also had cameras and were able to snap some stills and shoot few seconds of video. But they, too, were set upon by protesters. When they tried to use their cameras, protesters would put signs in the way. They dodged and weaved like basketball players, but at each turn, they were stopped. One protester with a masked face lunged at Alexis, threatening to break her camera and telling her, 'I'm gonna kick your fucking ass.' She was also hit by signs.”

At this point, Maloney managed to attract the attention of local news camera-crews by yelling “Why are you trying to censor me?” The protestors stopped blocking and hitting him with their signs when the other cameras showed up, though one man continued to ask him periodically “are you nervous?”

Maloney was finally able to film the speakers at the rally. To get a full understanding of their vitriol, you really need to watch the film. The speakers, in between hate-filled anti-Israel diatribes, accused Maloney of being “small minded,” an “agent provocateur,” a Zionist and a Fascist, an “arrogant grinning idiot,” and an “agent of the Mossad.”

Maloney created a separate film dedicated to Mary Lou, a spokesman at the protest who accused the Jews of doing the same dastardly thing that Americans did in founding this country -- they were kicked out of one country, so they decided to go invade another and steal it from its rightful owners. The bottom line here is that it appears that the same people who hate Israel hate America. Take a good look at what this faction of the far left really thinks.


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