Monday, November 29, 2004

Brain Terminal Catches Protesters at their Worst

Evan Coyne Maloney, creator of the Brain Terminal website, sent me a pair of DVDs featuring video from confrontations with the left. These expertly done pieces include a clip of a protest in NYC (in which protesters are given a chance to come up with a better solution to the Iraq problem) and a discussion with libs who attended Gore’s January 15th speech on global warming (in record-setting single-digit temperatures).

Of all the videos available though, there was one that stood out -- the pro-Pallestinian rally at Rutgers University. Maloney had intended to film the pro-Palestine conference located at the Ramada Inn. He and his crew were soon forced to leave the hotel at the request of the other conference-goers, so they relocated to an adjacent lot. They were still hoping to get interviews, but the conference organizers “started hanging around the camera, calling us Zionists and warning people not to speak with us.”

Maloney decided to go and film the rally taking place at Rutgers University instead. When he and his two crewmen go there, protest-ralliers tried to block their cameras with signs. When this failed to discourage Maloney, things got worse:

“Once again, I tried to move, but I was now completely encircled. When I tried to escape, the protesters then started smacking the camera with their signs, while others were shoving me from different directions. I started retreating, pushing my way back from the loudspeaker, all the while leaving the camera running and asking the protesters why they weren't letting me film. One man tried to prevent me from getting audio by unleashing a high-pitched squeal into the microphone. Another man asked me whether my camera was expensive, a question that--under the circumstances--I interpreted as a veiled threat.
Alexis and Tim also had cameras and were able to snap some stills and shoot few seconds of video. But they, too, were set upon by protesters. When they tried to use their cameras, protesters would put signs in the way. They dodged and weaved like basketball players, but at each turn, they were stopped. One protester with a masked face lunged at Alexis, threatening to break her camera and telling her, 'I'm gonna kick your fucking ass.' She was also hit by signs.”

At this point, Maloney managed to attract the attention of local news camera-crews by yelling “Why are you trying to censor me?” The protestors stopped blocking and hitting him with their signs when the other cameras showed up, though one man continued to ask him periodically “are you nervous?”

Maloney was finally able to film the speakers at the rally. To get a full understanding of their vitriol, you really need to watch the film. The speakers, in between hate-filled anti-Israel diatribes, accused Maloney of being “small minded,” an “agent provocateur,” a Zionist and a Fascist, an “arrogant grinning idiot,” and an “agent of the Mossad.”

Maloney created a separate film dedicated to Mary Lou, a spokesman at the protest who accused the Jews of doing the same dastardly thing that Americans did in founding this country -- they were kicked out of one country, so they decided to go invade another and steal it from its rightful owners. The bottom line here is that it appears that the same people who hate Israel hate America. Take a good look at what this faction of the far left really thinks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wait! There's more (soon)

In the midst of college applications, I'm afraid I may have been a little negligent in blogging. This does not mean that you should all run away. I will have a new story published on the Monday after Thanksgiving (and it will be good).
See you then,
Republican Dan

Monday, November 15, 2004

Help Leftists Leave

Now all those liberals who are dying to get out of this country can go! For Free! The “Help Them Leave” website is offering to help all those disgruntled libs get out of the US, providing that they renounce their citizenship and sign a sworn statement promising never to come back again. If you have any friends who have ranted in recent about how they can’t spend another minute here you might direct them to the site. At least it should make them quiet.

Here is a list of locations they offer, tailored to match the deportee’s political preferences:
  • Anti-Americans: Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen
  • Communists: Cuba, North Korea or Vietnam
  • Leftists: France, Germany, Spain, or Venezuela
  • Socialists: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The View from Michael Moore's Eyes

I was pointed to this picture by a blog reader, and I saw it later on Fox News. This is from Michael Moore's website. As he sees it, the non-crazy Kerry states belong to the US of C, wheras we religious zealots belong to Jesusland. I don't think he belongs to this world.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

From a Small Business Owner

A few days before the election, one of my blog’s readers sent me a piece written by his friend, on why he intended to vote for Bush. I found the following excerpts on small businesses particularly interesting:

"Personally, I started three new business ventures in the past three years which have created new jobs for people from low, middle, and upper income classes. The jobs range from fiberglass construction [to] high-tech computer programming. One of the things I have to consider before investing in a new business is the risk, which includes weighing the cost against the profit. In all cases, the largest cost I have, regardless of the venture, is taxes. Taxes cost more than the raw materials and the labor combined. If the tax goes up, the costs go up and the risk is increased.

Further, some of my production is done overseas where the labor is cheaper. If I had it done in the USA, the end-cost of my products would be higher. Kerry wants to appeal to lower and middle class voters, so he campaigns against out-sourcing. Clearly, he has never run a business. He appears to know nothing about real-world economics. But the cost of the goods would rise, and cause a lot more damage to the middle class...not to mention give other countries an advantage in establishing production relationships with developing countries where their own goods and services can be sold. Protectionism was disproved as an economy-buster many decades ago. In today’s world, with communication and transportation even more ubiquitous, it would be economic suicide to turn back the clock.

Kerry’s tax and protectionism plan, announced with pride, will prevent me, as well as other small businesses, from investing in new ventures. Therefore, his plan will not help the middle class who need to find new jobs. It will hurt them. In my opinion, it is nothing more than promoting class envy to the masses who will become more dependent on government as they vote for politicians who promise to take care of them while sticking it to the rich."

We can all be glad that Kerry was defeated – in the meantime this post can give us yet another reason not to support the future Kerrys.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Election Results by County.

This is a map of the election results by county. Red countys were won by Bush, blue ones by Kerry, and the grey ones have not yet finished reporting. If you go by square-mileage, Bush won almost five times as much -- 2.51 million as compared with 511,700. See a larger image here.

Bush is in, Wall Street is Happy

Stocks have soared for the second straight day after Bush’s win – the Dow Jones average has risen nearly 300 points in two days. Today, the Dow Jones average closed up 1.8%, Nasdaq rose 1%, and the S&P 500 was up 1.6%.

Victory is Ours!

Hello out there! Not a bad day for the right side of politics. In case you’re not already all up to date, this is how things worked out: Though Iowa has still not been called for either side, Bush has 279 electoral votes to Kerry’s 252 (270 are required to win). Kerry did the manly thing when he called up during math class (my math class of course) to concede defeat – he realized that he was unlikely to receive the 94% of provisional votes cast that would move Ohio into his column. Bush received three-and-a-half million more votes than Kerry, winning the popular vote by 51 to 48 percent. Bush tallied seven million more votes than he got in the last election; he got more votes than any other president in history. Bush got more of the female, black, and Hispanic vote than he did in the last election.

Republicans fared well in the House and Senate races as well – we picked up four seats in the Senate, giving us 55 seats to the Democrat’s 44 (there is also one independent who usually votes with the Democrats). The most important Senate race may well have been the one in South Dakota, where the Democrat’s ex-minority leader Tom Daschle (a Senator since 1986) lost to Republican challenger John Thune, who got 51% of the popular vote. Other happy outcomes include Mel Martinez’s defeat of Betty Castor in Florida, and Lisa Murkowski’s defeat of Tony Knowles in Alaska. (Murkowski had been appointed by her father to fill a vacant seat, and it was speculated that this would hurt her.) In Louisiana, David Vitter (R) avoided a runoff election by getting over 50% of the vote. (Louisiana has open elections where more than one candidate can run from each party; in the event that no candidate gets half the vote, there is a runoff between the top two candidates).

Even though three races remain to be called in the House, Republicans have increased their lead – they now have 231 seats to the Democrats’ 200 (there is also an Independent in the House).

Another bit of good news: Eleven states had state constitutional amendments on the ballot that would ban gay marriage in the state. All eleven amendments won in an impressive rejection of gay marriage. The margins ranged from 3-2 in Ohio to 6-1 in Mississippi. The amendments in nine of the states banned civil unions as well. These amendments have allowed the people to make the laws – and taken the power over gay marriage out of the hands of activist judges in those states.

In the face of this resounding victory for conservative values in America, I’ve heard some distressed liberals say that they’re going to move to Canada. I would like to say to them, in as gracious and magnanimous a manner as possible: Go ahead.