Monday, October 18, 2004

The Red Folder

I have had a number of requests for the information that I carry in the Red Folder that I referred to in my article in the Weekly Standard. I will therefore be adding in the next few days a section on my sidebar containing links to the online documents that I keep copies of in my folder.


At 4:02 PM, Blogger J-Red said...

Hey dan, just read your piece in the Weekly Standard, great article.

Feel free to swing by and comment if you like.

At 5:28 PM, Blogger LA said...

Hi, Dan.

Your article in the Standard brought back a flood of memories from my high school years. I went to a hyper liberal prep school in San Francisco from 1978-82, where I was one to the few Republicans. The group think - from the teachers to the students to many of the parents - was unimaginable. I have some very strong memories, like being kicked out of the library because I was against affirmative action and winning a Electoral college predication contest because I was the only student to predict a Reagan landslide. We had talks on why Cuba was a model for development and on the evils of the Reagan arms build-up.

The scary thing is that the group think only gets worse as you get older. When I worked for the State Department, everyone simply assumed everyone else was a liberal Democrat. I then joined a strategy consulting firm where the Republicans had to discuss politics behind closed doors as privileged Ivy Leaguers defended Clinton's lies. Choose your path carefully because in places like Connecticut, Manhattan, San Francisco, and schools like Harvard, and Berkeley, you will be a minority against whom everyone is allowed to discriminate. Just wait, you'll hear statements like "All the smart and educated people live in NY and California, maybe we should listen to them instead of the the red states." The joshing you are getting now is only the beginning.

At 5:19 AM, Blogger Mike in Kabul said...

Loved your piece in the Standard--keep up the good work!

Mike in Kabul

At 2:11 PM, Blogger N.S.T said...

Hey Dan- Just read your piece in the Standard, and I have to say, I'm in an almost identical position at my school. My dad writes for the standard, as well, and most everyone in my suburban Maryland high school is hyper-liberal. It was, therefore, a piece I could sympathize with.

Keep up the good work--

Nick Tell

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

About your article in the Weekly Standard:
I live in Tacoma, a small city south of Seattle in Washington State. People who have Bush-Cheney stickers here get their cars or buildings vandalized regularly.
I don’t listen to local radio any more, because the snarky comments by the ragingly liberal commentators start to grate on my nerves after a while. Now I only listen to radio online.
I don’t read the papers any more, because the liberal journalists disgust me, parading their political propaganda as “reporting”. I get my news from various online sources.
I don’t talk to my friends about politics because they get too emotional. Now I only keep notebooks of current events or clip and keep articles that interest me. I won’t damage my friendships over politics.
Talk about feeling isolated. I sympathize with you. Sometimes I think I’m the only conservative in the Pacific Northwest outside my immediate family.
The thing is, I like to talk politics with liberals. Those who put a lot of thought into their positions have interesting things to say, and several valid points. On a few social issues, I’m even more liberal than most liberals. But for the majority, I’m more conservative than most conservatives.
There is an interesting difference between liberals and conservatives that you have already discovered and have probably had more experience with than I. Liberals do not like facts. At it’s core, most of the liberal political platform is emotional and reactive, not rational and proactive.
This is why there is so much hatred in the liberal dialogue about President Bush. It’s not just his politics they don’t like; they hate the man, a very real, very visceral hatred that cannot be combatted rationally.
I dislike almost every aspect of John Kerry’s politics that I know of; I might even say I passionately dislike them. But I don’t hate John Kerry, and it’s never occurred to me to hate him.
When I discuss issues that I’m liberal about (drug policy, women's issues, and the environment) with my conservative family members, we will have actual discussions lasting several hours, usually until the early morning hours.
When I discuss issues that I’m conservative about (fiscal policy, government control, immigration, gay marriage, abortion, education, and capital punishment, among others) with my liberal friends or acquaintances, the discussion quickly degenerates into an argument with both of us hurling accusations at each other like we’re trying to win a WWF match. Liberals do not like rational discussions because the majority of their positions are, ultimately, irrational.
So I don’t try. I just do what I can to mobilize as many conservatives as I can to be like you: outspoken, full of conviction, informed, and proud of their country.
On a different note, I was privileged to have a private education and believe that my deep love for America and it’s people is rooted in the American history lessons I had during elementary, junior high, and high school. My teachers loved America, it’s ideals and it’s founders, and it showed in many different areas of our school life, from community involvement to saying the pledge of allegiance every morning.
I am continually appalled by the attitudes of people my own age—the same attitudes you described in your article. Citizens who don’t love this land and what it stands for, who don’t understand the tremendously good things that have been accomplished during the life of this democracy. You do not need to hypocritically ignore the bad in American history to appreciate and celebrate the good.
I thank God daily for living here. I mean that literally. I can't think of a day in recent memory when at some point I was not overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings He has given America, whether it is for women's liberation, when a close friend left her abusive husband, or for wealth, when I have the money to help someone who desperately needs it.
Now when I read statistics showing that only 3 in 10 citizens in my age group (18-24) vote, I understand why. Why be involved in a country that you do not admire or even respect? How terribly sad.
I admire your courage and intelligence, and wanted to let you know how encouraged I am by what you wrote. Thank you so much. All best, Suzanne


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