Saturday, October 16, 2004


I've just switched to this blog adress so it will take a few days to get my stuff up


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Billy Bird said...

I love the comment on entering your Blog, I have been stating that since I was about your age. And I can guess that I had no heart.

When I was around your age, I was living through the Watergate Trials and the Vietman War. It was not a good time for considered a Conservative, or as I was often called a Fascist.

After reading your article it the Online Weekly Standard, I must say I am impressed. It is good to see one that takes a stand and will defend that stand.

You had mentioned that many classmates hate America, and that one wishes to live in Canada. Are there things in America to hate? I would say yes, but I also say there are things to love. I believe that even having the opportunity to say they hate America disproves some of their points.

PLEASE keep up your writing, you offer a wonderful view into the "younger generation", and I believe that you have a VERY bright future, possibly as a writer, a commentator, or even God forbid, as one of those well placed educational reformer.

At 6:27 PM, Blogger Slug said...

Dan, just read your article on I admire your sticking to your beliefs in the face of all the people against you. I'm fortunate to live down here in Texas where we are NOT ashamed of our President - regardless of what the Dixie Twits say. It's very difficult to even find their music being played on the airwaves down here now. Keep in mind that the teachers you deal with are all "trained" to be liberals even though this President has spent more on education than any of his predecessors. Remember the old saying: Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Most teachers aren't worth their salt and your opinions are just as important as theirs and you aren't wrong just because the teacher is in a position of authority. I'm sure you will go far in life so keep fighting the good fight and remember that the liberals just don't "get it". The Democratic party has long ago moved too far from the left and has disenfranchised many of their long-time supporters. They have become the party of the Hollywood far left and can't understand how in the world Kerry isn't running away with this election. Again, keep up the good work. I'll be bookmarking your site and checking in often.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Theresa Holmes said...

Dan, I'm impressed by your article in the Weekly Standard Online. Keep up the good work.

Welcome to blogspot. I'm over at if you're ever interested in checking out my blog.

I couldn't agree with you more about Kerry/Edwards. You might be interested in my latest post about the difference between moral relativists--like Kerry--and moral absolutists, like President Bush.

I can also understand exactly where the liberal teachers you have to deal with came from. My father was a liberal teacher when I was growing up, and became a professor at Western Montana College--a teacher training school. He's still terribly disappointed in me for turning into a conservative Republican.

Again, good work on the Weekly Standard article. Keep it up. I'll be checking back here from time to time. We moral absolutists have to stick together in the sea of moral relativists.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Hoyas said...

It not like that everywhere. I'm a middle aged man who spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon working with teenagers. These teen are so keyed up, ready to get out and campaign for the Republican ticket. To a person, they hold conservative political and religious views. Not a one was there to please a parent. I don't mean to ramble, but the dedication and energy I witnessed was really inspiring. I hope other parents or mentors are encountering this level of enthusiasm.

Ron Taylor
Acworth, GA

At 10:51 PM, Blogger ETJ said...

I really enjoyed your article in The Weekly Standard. I'm a high school senior in Canada so I empathize with you. Whenever students or teachers at my school start discussing George W. Bush they practically start foaming at the mouth (my Politics instructor was on the verge of tears once). The rampant anti-Americanism in Canada and elsewhere is pretty distressing. I really wish that people were better informed and could see all of the good things that your government is doing for the rest of the world.

Keep up the good work, Dan!

At 12:47 AM, Blogger Lulu said...


Great article on Weekly Standard - I have faith in our mostly liberal youth because of students like you! Unfortunately, I didn't pay much attention to politics when I was in high school (mid 80's, I had big hair to achieve), but I am glad you have your appropriately-colored battle folder to arm yourself with at your school!

Keep up the great work, and you are right, the liberals hate the facts.

Tampa FL

At 2:58 AM, Blogger Pat, Chiefs Fan said...


Help is on the way as far as public schools go. Loved your article. I was the sole GOP'er in my credential class, and had to sit through various multicultural classes where I was the bad guy only because I was a white male. Future students of mine will experience their very own "No-Spin Zone".

At 5:39 AM, Blogger JTS said...

Hi, Dan, I enjoyed your article in the Weekly Standard. I can sympathize with your position because my kids experience the same kinds of things at their high school, although there are othere conservatives there, thankfully! In fact, my daughter has joined a teen republican club. My son just registered to vote for the first time as a republican, and is taking this duty very seriously. You are very bright and articulate and I'm glad you've found a forum.

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Dottie said...


Wonderful article in the "Standard". Both of our kids (21 and 19) go to liberal institutions and despite a constant force feed of bias they are both voting reppublican.

One note of encouragement, our 21 yr old was an "institutional liberal" until she and 6 of her friends saw Fahrenheit 9/11. Out of the 6, 4 of them recognized the attempt of the Moore film to manipulate the facts and his obvious digust for all things american. They begin to research ,with an open mind, both the liberal and conservative creedos. Luckily the truth is out there if your willing to study and we don't have to depend on just the liberal media for their slanted info. As a result all four are voting republican.

Best of luck and stand your ground. Courage is and admirable quality.

At 11:01 AM, Blogger Derrick Perkins said...

Hey, I just read your article on Congrats on getting published in a national magazine while your still in high school. I just recently graduated from High School in Massachusetts and I feel your pain being the only Republican/conservative in an all liberal high school. I think it truly hit me when my teachers refused to refer to me as pro-gun but as anti-gun control. Way to put a negative spin on anything remotely conservative. Good luck with your writing, hopefully I'll see your work in Weekly Standard again.


At 10:20 PM, Blogger momof7 said...

Excellent article! I had my doubts that it was really written by a high schooler (I don't know any that are that articulate!), so I have been perusing your blog to find out more about you.

You must be an extraordinary young man. I pray the Lord continues to raise up a standard of right-thinking youth in our day. I know there is a vast army among the homeschooling community. Many of them find themselves in a similar situation within their communities. But standing alone brings strength of character.

I encourage you to keep writing! You have a bright future, and our country needs you.

At 5:26 PM, Blogger britt said...

Way to go, Dan. Educators have been getting away with their proselytizing poison for far too long and it is up to us conservative students to "speak truth to power," as the left likes to say. For in spite of what your teachers may believe, churning out uncritical automatons who can't understand how anyone in his right mind can be a Republican is not doing our country any favors. Hang on to your Socratic courage for college!


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