Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Work of a Grateful Iraqi

This statue now stands outside the Iraqi palace (the current home of the 4th Infantry Division). Its sculptor, an Iraqi artist named Kalat, had been forced to make hundreds of Saddam Hussein busts under the former regime. In an effort to express his gratitude to the United States for freeing him and his country, he made this memorial using the bronze from three melted-down Saddam statues. This piece shows a small girl comforting a soldier who is mourning the loss of his fallen comrades.
This story has yet to be reported by the mainstream media (with the exception of the Weekly Standard)


At 1:15 AM, Blogger Impossible Distances said...

Dan, I just read your essay in The Weekly Standard online. Nice work. Are you David Gerlenter's son? A little Nasab, as the Iraqis say, never hurt anyone.

I would like to offer a correction about the statue though. There was an article about this in the Wall Street Journal. It was not a spontaneous gesture by the sculptor; it was commissioned by the 4th Infantry Division.

Nevertheless, it seems like you are on your way to a fine career in punditry should you choose it. Best of luck.

At 5:32 PM, Blogger difrench said...

Thanks Dan,
Powerline linked your Army of One article. So I looked you up. Thanks for the article on the statue. I hadn't heard about it before. You may not see an immediate difference in your school but if the sower sows the word and each seed reproduces a multitude then as long as someone keeps sowing, there's hope.


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