Sunday, August 01, 2004

Kerry gives a Vietnam Vet the finger (literally)

Kerry seems to feel a special affinity with the Vietnam War, as he served in that there for all of four months. Last Memorial Day (May 31, 2004) Kerry made a political stop at the Vietnam War memorial. Ted Sampley, a two-tour former Green Beret and head of Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry was there as well.

Kerry addressed a group of school children while Sampley, who had tried to get Kerry to leave the memorial (“you do not belong here”) hovered in the background sporting a “Hanoi John” t-shirt.

Sampley told the schoolchildren, “Kerry does not belong at the Wall because he betrayed the brave soldiers who fought in Vietnam.”Kerry, who was still in full view of the children and other visitors, responded by giving Ted Sampley the middle finger, and shouting out, “Ted Sampley is a felon!”

Many words might describe Kerry, but “tolerance” and “maturity” are not among them.


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