Monday, May 31, 2004

Australia Getting Dumber?

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, a leading leftist newspaper from Down-Under, has asked so-called ‘journalist’ Richard Neville to investigate the question of: “Who Killed Nick Berg?”

Neville, who is not taken in by the over-simple explanation that terrorists killed Berg, has figured out that it was – you guessed it – us! The CIA was apparently prompted to have Berg arrested in Iraq when they saw a list of anti-war protesters on a conservative website that included Berg’s father. Writes Neville:

The clip was first "discovered" on an Islamic website in Malaysia. Its Arabic title reads "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi shown slaughtering an American". al-Zarqawi is a 38-year-old Jordanian militant who fled to Iraq in 2001 after reportedly losing a leg in a US missile strike. al-Zarqawi's face is widely known and he credits himself with the deed, so why a mask?The timing of the video was brilliant for the West. Media pundits judged the crime a deeper evil than the systemic torture of innocent Iraqis. But some people sensed a rat. But if it was not al-Qaeda, who? Surely not Uncle Sam. That's too dark, even for the CIA.On March 7, 2004, two weeks before his arrest in Mosul, an “enemies list” had been posted on a conservative website, This list was compiled from signatories to an anti-war petition, and its implied purpose was to encourage readers to harass those it named.Berg’s father was on that list, as was the family firm, Prometheus. This information may well have triggered the arrest of Berg in Iraq.

I just new we did it. Once again, Australia has provided us with help the likes of which we could not do with out. One can easily see why it is considered such an important country in the modern world.

Friday, May 28, 2004

The Forgotten Nick Berg, and the Guys Who Forgot Him

On May 11, American contractor Nick Berg was beheaded. This story got much less coverage than in deserved. While the Abu Ghraib story continues to run and lunatics like Al Gore keep screaming for Rumsfeld’s resignation, Nick Berg has already faded into the archives of the national media.

There is no comparison between the humiliation of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, and the decapitation of an American citizen. In order to understand this, you need to know exactly what happened to Mr. Berg:

After a clip showed Nick Berg identifying himself and his family, the movie cuts to a shot of Berg in an orange jumpsuit, bound and on his knees in front of five men. After reading a statement in Arabic blaming what is about to happen on America, the terrorist in the middle gives another man his speech and pulls out a long knife. The five men suddenly tackle Berg and the knife is plunged into his neck. This is where the screaming starts. As the man on the knife saws back and forth, and Berg screams, the Arabs chant “Allahu Akbar” or “God is great.” After the fifth cut into Berg’s neck, the screaming stops – it has taken about half a minute for Berg to die. After two more slashes with the knife, and an audible snap, Berg’s head is pulled off of his neck and held up in front of the camera like a trophy – his eyes are still open and look straight into the lens.This is not the first beheading of an American that has happened in recent times. On February 21 of 2002, a videotape entitled The Slaughter of the Spy-Journalist, the Jew Daniel Pearl was released showing the beheading of the American journalist. We later learned, by the way, that the guy who was filming the murder messed up, and didn’t get it on the first take. To solve the problem, the terrorists decided to reenect his murder – they put his head back on, and then pretended to cut it off again.

What I would like to know is, why is the national media horrified over pictures from Abu Ghraib – an incident that was already being investigated by the military since January – but when we have an American who has his head chopped off on TV, nobody seems to care for more than a few days? Why, first of all, should the media be anxious to disgrace our soldiers, our country, and our effort to turn a dictatorship into a democracy? Next, why is it that the media does not want the chance to show us how bad our enemies are, and remind America who and why we are fighting? The biggest question, stated plainly, is: Why does the media hate America?

The answer: The press is overwhelmingly liberal. That’s right. I know that many of my friends like to persist in the naïve notion that there is some semblance of balance in the press. A recent poll, however, shows just how out-of-mainstream the press really is. In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, only 7% of the National Media say that they are Conservative. Even though a majority (54%) of national journalists identified themselves as moderate, they proved to be just as liberal as the self-confessed leftists when asked about ideological values. For example, when asked if belief in God is necessary to be moral, 58% of the public answered yes, while just 6% of the media agreed. In a further striking contrast between the general public and the media, 42% of the public thinks that homosexuality should be discouraged, while only 5% of the media shares this view.

Not only is the media exceedingly liberal, but they actually do not recognize the fact. Only 38% of national journalists could think of any news organizations that are especially liberal (the leader was The New York Times, named by 20% of journalists). When these journalists were asked, on the other hand, if they could think of any news organizations that are especially conservative, 82% answered yes (nearly 70% named Fox News right off the bat).

The National Media clearly has a problem. They do not understand that American lives are more important than Iraqi lives, and certainly more important than terrorists’ lives. They are not proud to be Americans and they are not proud of America. Instead they believe, rather pompously, that you as an American citizen are not trustworthy enough and not smart enough to know what is right and what is wrong. They believe that only they can set you right.

So, I am sick and tired of seeing those photographs of abuse at Abu Ghraib. I am sick and tired of having the media bubbling so happily because they think that they have shown that America is bad, and has lost the “moral highground”. It is time to remember Nick Berg, and all the other Americans who have been murdered. They are what is important.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Letter from a Marine

If you want a story about how America treats its prisoners, try this one, written up by a Marine serving in Iraq:

Dear Mom & Dad,
Word has reached us about some soldiers who are in trouble for allegedly abusing war prisoners. I don't know the details of the situation, but from what we've heard, it's pretty ugly and all over the news. I wanted to tell you a story about a night in the desert a few weeks ago that you won't see in the news, but is more representative of what's going on over here.
Due to operational security constraints, I can't go into great detail in this story, but I think you'll get the picture. In the course of my unit's operations, it's very common that suspected bad guys are captured and detained for interrogation.I'm sure the media is making interrogations out to be bad or wrong, but they are not. Interrogations are a necessary tool to extract intelligence that helps us destroy the enemy and protect Americans from terrorism.
Sometimes we have a hardened and roofed facility in which detainees are held and interrogated, but if we are on the move, often times they are placed in whatever temporary detainee area we can create.
One night last month, we were stopped in the desert outside of Fallujah. We had 3 detainees under our control that were captured in the act of doing bad things against Marines. Because we were in the open without any facilities around, the detainees were temporarily being held on a patch of desert closed off by concertina wire. Besides for the wire and guards watching them, they were out under the stars just like all of our Marines.
Around 3:00 a.m., the wind started blowing hard and a sandstorm hit our position. As Marines covered themselves with their sleeping bags, the sky opened up and the flying sand was joined by a downpour of rain. Most of the Marines hopped into vehicles to get some cover.
In the back of a truck, which was the closest vehicle to the detainees, 4 Marines were trying to stay dry and get some sleep. The lieutenant who was in charge of providing security for the detainees approached this truck and opened up the back hatch. He ordered the Marines out of the truck and told them that they couldn't stay in there. The Marines asked why and he explained to them that he had to put the detainees in the back of the truck to protect them from the rain and sand.
Word of this spread very quickly and everyone was livid. We couldn't believe that our Marines were being kicked into the sandstorm/rainstorm so these 3 detainees, who were caught trying to kill Marines, could stay dry. The next day I was still angry and everyone was still talking about what had happened that night. Later in the day, after having time to cool down and think about the situation, I switched from being angry to being proud.
Who else, other than Americans, would kick their own men into a storm so their enemy could sleep in peace? Who else, other than Americans, feel so strongly about laws and rights that they would go to such extremes to protect captured terrorists during a war on terrorism?
When these guys are under our control, they eat better than they do when not in capacivity, receive medical attention that they would never otherwise receive, and are treated like Marines only know how to act, professionally.
I assume whatever happened with the alleged prisoner abuse is leading headlines back home, but I wanted to share this story with you, because it's not one you'll ever see in the news. What I've described in this letter is indicative of how my unit operates, and I would venture to guess that it's representative of the other 99% of detainee handling throughout Iraq.
My spirits remain high, my body's holding up, and all's swell on my end. I hope the same is the case with everyone back home. I love you and miss you lots.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Saudis Ban Al-Jazeera

Saudi Arabia has issued an edict that bans Muslims from watching the anti-America and anti-Israel TV network Al-Jazeera (in case you’ve forgotten, Al-Jazeera is the network that comes out with brand-new recordings of Osama every few months). The reason that Al-Jazeera is now banned, say Saudi authorities, is because it is apparently “Zionist Television.” The Saudi government warns its citizens against “introducing evil to their homes and destroying them by watching Al-Jazeera, which is a provocative and evil channel.”Saudis are told that, if they want reliable news, they should watch the government-run TV channels.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Those Dangerous Australian People

Today’s subject will be Australia.
In 1996, Australian Prime Minister John Howard announced a new set of super-strict gun laws. The laws included the ban of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, and created a national gun registry. The ban covers gun ownership, sale, resale, importation, and manufacture. Those brilliant Aussie politicians knew they had the key to fighting crime.

After the passage of the laws, violent crime rates averaged 20% higher, armed robbery went up 67%, aggravated assault rose by 20%, rape increased 11% and murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter rose by 5%.

It didn’t take Australia long to figure out that something was wrong. Gun ownership in Australia is way down, but crime is still high. Confronted with these facts, the Australian politicians came up with the obvious solution: They needed to ban swords as well.

This is not a joke; starting on July 1 swords will be banned in Australia and violators will get six months in jail and a $12,000 fine. The ban holds for all Aussies except for collectors willing to pay $135 per sword, and lock their “weapons” up in safes and install burglar alarms. This will surely have a great affect on the crime rate in Australia.

The Australian politicians must view the citizens they represent as the most dangerous in the world. In fact, not only are guns and swords on the banned list – so are laser pointers with power ratings above class II. G-d forbid a maniac from down-under should get his hands on a contraband laser-pointer.

More about swords: We do not want to suggest that swords don’t have their uses (perish the thought). In Scotland, a man named Carl Lindsay killed a man who broke into his home with a Samurai sword – and got eight years in prison. The other three armed robbers will be out of prison while the man who they tried to rob is still in jail.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Conservatism and Foreign Policy

How do Conservatives look at foreign policy? This is a big and complicated question, but I’ll give it my best shot.

“The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.” This is from the book of Psalms, chapter 29, verse 11. Our scholars ask, “Why do we need strength if we are going to have peace?” The answer: because there is no peace without strength.America offers its citizens freedom, security, peace, and prosperity. The reason that she can do this is because we have been strong, and men have fought for America in the cause of freedom.

I have heard people say that we cannot be the world’s policeman. Of course we can. We have to be. Like every town, city, state, and country, the world needs a police force. If you have a city without policemen, the strong guys pick on the weak guys and beat them up and steal their things and murder them. When the world doesn’t have a policeman, entire countries are murdered. Free nations are imprisoned by Hitlers and Stalins. Without a world policeman, people like Saddam Hussein can poison and torture and kill their own people.

Not only is the United States the world’s police, but the world is lucky that we are. We are the moral country, we fight for freedom and democracy against suppression and tyranny. Our country is a model to the rest of the world, which is why many counties – even civilized ones – envy us and hate us. There is no nation in the world better suited to protect the world.

Conservatives and Liberals think in two different directions. Liberals are worried about what other nations think – even tyrannical nations like North Korea and corrupt ones like France. Conservatives are worried not about what other countries think of us today, but what the men who built our country would think of us today. Those men knew what was worth fighting for. That is why we are here.

Conservatives understand that, while we cannot bring our blessings of freedom and democracy to every country in the world, it is our duty to try.

Conservatives stand for no more Vietnams. When we left Vietnam, we abandoned a country and left it to die. We had an obligation to fight for freedom there and we failed. Communism swept over the South of Vietnam and released thousands of boatpeople, trying to escape the murderous animals that threatened to destroy them. Those who were trapped in Vietnam suffered and are still suffering because we left. I have room only for a single example, so it will have to suffice. In his book The Vietnamese Gulag, Doan Van Toai wrote of his imprisonment under the Communist regime:

I was thrown into a three-foot-by-six-foot cell with my left hand chained to my right foot and my right hand chained to my left foot. My food was rice mixed with sand…After two months in solitary confinement I was transferred to a collective cell, a room 15 feet wide and 25 feet long, where at different times anywhere from 40 to 100 prisoners were crushed together. Here we had to take turns lying down to sleep, and most of the younger, stronger prisoners slept sitting up. In the sweltering heat, we also took turns snatching a few breaths of fresh air in front of the narrow opening that was the cell’s only window. Every day I watched my friends die at my feet…One South Vietnamese Communist, Nguyen Van Tang, who was detained 15 years by the French, eight years by Diem, six years by Thieu, and who is still in jail today, this time in a Communist prison, told me:…‘My dream now is not to be released; it is not to see my family. My dream is that I could be back in a French prison 30 years ago.’

Americans have trouble understanding the terror of totalitarian regimes, because we are fortunate enough never to have experienced them. This fact may seem to devalue our wonderful gifts. We aren’t conscious of the millions of people who would sacrifice anything just to be in this country. If we let those people down then America dies.