Monday, March 15, 2004

Discrimination and Democrats

Today’s column will deal with discrimination. I will tell you where it is and who’s doing it, and will of course explain why it’s bad. People are pretty touchy about discrimination, and the genuine issues are often ignored.

Do any of you remember Miguel Estrada? He was one of Bush’s judicial nominees who was blocked by the Democrats, ostensibly for failing to produce certain documents (never before requested of any judicial nominee). Now I will tell you the real reason that Estrada was denied a vote in the Senate – he’s Hispanic, and what’s more, he’s a Conservative Hispanic. Unfortunately for the Democrats, some of their secret memos that were never supposed to see the light of day were leaked to the press – now we know what they’re really thinking. A memo written to Democratic Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, who is on the Judiciary Committee, discusses methods of blocking Bush’s nominees. In the memo, Miguel Estrada is singled out as “especially dangerous because he is Latino.” There you have it – while the Washington Democrats scream about the ‘theft’ of the memos to get the heat off the content, and at the same time accuse Conservatives of bigotry, they are deliberately subduing minorities. They know that if a Conservative Latino ends up in a powerful position, the classically Liberal pro-Latino organizations might end up on the Conservative’s side. Other leaked memos call Bush’s nominees (including Janice Brown, a Black Woman Conservative who the Dems have also blocked) “Nazis” and “Neanderthals.”

The Democrats dishonesty in dealing with minorities extends far beyond the memo scandal. There is still widespread discrimination going on today, and it is so prolific that it has wormed its way into the best universities and businesses in America. I am speaking, of course, of Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action is the liberal-backed policy of discriminating against whites in order to fulfill racial quotas. What this means is that in your college applications for example, you will say what race you are, and if you are the wrong color your chance of getting in will be diminished. Does anyone understand that this is wrong? I was given the impression that we should adopt a color-blind attitude in society, where all that matters is how good a man is on the inside. The Democrats think that a policy where color still matters is ‘helping’ the minorities, and this brings us to another point: Affirmative Action is condescending to minorities, it does not help them. What the Dems are saying to minorities, in effect, is, “We don’t think you’re good enough or smart enough to get in on your own, so we have to slant the playing field in your favor.” You minorities out there should be enraged at this – these people claim to be working for you, and yet their policies scream that they think you are inferior, and need special help. Not only is this patronizing to the minorities, but it removes the work ethic in the same way that socialism does. If you don’t have to be outstanding to get in, why should you be outstanding?

Why is it that the Democrats, who champion the minority cause and get the vast majority of the minority vote, work against minorities in practice? There are two possible answers. The first is that they are ignorant of the damage they do to minorities, and to America in general, in professing to help them – this answer applies to you voters who elect the liberal politicians. The second, which more likely applies to the Washington Democrats, is as follows: They need racial differences to exist. If the minorities actually had the best of life, what could the Democrats promise them? If there was no fear of race to play on, what would Presidential Candidate Al Sharpton be standing on? If there’s no racial hatred, no bigotry he can do battle with, do we need him? They need to have, if not in fact than in the public mind, the idea that our country is full of evils, and that they can disinfect it for you. The promise of a better life is their hold on the minority vote. That is why they have to promise, but can never deliver.

I do not mean to suggest that you Democrats out there are bigots. I know that you who are reading this (if you are still reading it) really do want to move our nation in the right direction. At the same time it is your duty to remain informed. I am just showing you what men and what policies you are electing. You have to be careful – because if you don’t know what these people stand for, you might vote for them.


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