Thursday, January 15, 2004

Doing Right in Iraq

The Democrats are upset because we acted alone in Iraq. They define “acting alone” as: “Having the public support of only 49 countries but not France.” Yes indeed, we do have 49 countries that are publicly committed to our coalition, representing every major race, religion, and ethnicity in the world. So what is all the fuss about?
France, Russia, and Germany would not help us. The liberals think that this is embarrassing. They’re right – it is embarrassing (to France, Russia, and Germany). Consider what we have done (WMDs aside): We have deposed a brutal and vicious dictator and are in the process of installing a new democracy in the world. The torture chambers and mass graves are now a thing of the past in Iraq. Iraqis no longer have to fear being publicly beheaded. This is good. We should be proud that America has once again acted against evil by removing from power a man who put his public enemies into wood-chippers.
The UN, which has too many members to do anything but make noise, would seem to have forgotten the 18 resolutions they passed dealing with Saddam, all of which he has broken. Some of the UN’s members cannot understand how anyone could ignore a UN mandate. They were all ready to say (in a French accent) “Look here, Saddam, we’re warning you. If you keep developing weapons, we’ll pass another resolution.” I’m sure the thought had Saddam quaking in his boots.
Why wouldn’t France and the others help us? Setting aside the fact that they are largely leftist cowards, let us examine the money issue (money is at the heart of everything). All three of these countries were into pre-war Iraq for billions. They were heavily invested in Iraqi oil (Russia, of course, was also owed a great deal for weapons deliveries) and now they may have to give up that investment to help Iraq get back on its feet. These countries had so much money to lose in fighting the right war, that they saw no reason to help us overthrow Saddam and Family. They managed, with the help of their press, to look the other way, and disregard the Old Regime’s brutalities – some day this is going to come back and bite them right in the proverbial rear end.
Iraq is a better place now and there is one less dictatorship in the world thanks to the US and her friends. We are giving Iraq back to the Iraqis; they’ll be able to get a car without waiting two years for a permit. They’ll be able to go to school, practice the religion of their choice, protest in public. A little bit of that Good Old American Spirit is rubbing off on Iraq, and the world at large is better for it. Even if we’d really had to go it alone, and fight this war all by ourselves, it was the right choice. It is to the lasting shame of the countries that did not help us that they chose to ignore an enslaved people. Be proud that your country acted.


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